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Dear all,

This may only be of key interest if you are involved in farming or food
production, though it will of course affect us all in the very near future.

If you know any farmers, food distributors or people who are involved in
farm-policy and conservation, please pass it on.

If you are concerned about Monsanto and Syngenta's bid to secure a virtual
monopoly on the supply of all crop seeds, please download and read the
following report from the American Centre for Food Safety.
This is a definitive document which will influence the debate for years to
come. Very good summary of the history and the issues.



By Daniel Klein
This short video explains so much about Monsanto's bid to gain a total
global monopoly on the world's supply of crop-seeds.
Monsanto and four other giant corporations have a global strategy to
destroy every nation's 'seed sovereignty' and reduce all countries to the
status of 'dependent seed serfs'.
Once they have destroyed all indigenous varieties of seeds, along with
farmers' legal right to save their own seeds they will have global control
of most food commodities.
The war-plan is to replace all indigenous, locally developed varieties of
rice, wheat, barley, cotton, corn etc with Monsanto's patented GM
Vandana Shiva explains this in just 5 minutes. The choice is between a
'toxic future' run by giant corporations and a local self sufficiency and

There’s been enough written about genetically modified organisms and Monsanto that it’s easy to lose touch with how they actually impact people’s lives. On a recent trip to India, Perennial Plate got a wake-up call from environmental activist Vandana Shiva. Here’s our conversation with Shiva on a seed-saving revolution, farmer suicides, and how female farmers are the future of India’s agriculture. 

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.